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Philippe Mouquet designed the Heure H Double Jeu in 1996. This year, there were two striking new dial designs for the Heure H Double Jeu. Vertical setting features a black or a white lacquered dial with Arabic numerals that are transferred onto an inner square, and the letter H set in diamonds. The horizontal setting version is a departure from traditional gem-setting and sets the entire dial and the lugs with a diamond.

corum replica watches has always loved animal motifs and 2018 was no different. Two timepieces were made from leather micro-marquetry with dials. First, an Arceau Cavales depicts a horse's head.replica richard mille watches The Maison's artisans began by choosing the most vibrant colours of full-grain leather calfskin, then cut them out and arranged them in a marquetry of skin. The dial of Arceau Cavales is inspired by corum replica watches’s "Samarcande” chess set, which was created in 2009.

Slim d'corum replica watches Les Zebres de Tanzanie was inspired by a collection by Yves Marie de Malleray, 2010. It is made out of miniature enamel painting as well as leather marquetry.

The corum replica watches's Arceau Robe de Soir is last, a 41mm-diameter timepiece that features a mosaic dial made of 2,200 small, juxtaposed leather squares. This creates the profile of a horse, which was inspired by Florence Manlik's corum replica watches Robe du Soir silk scarf.audemars piguet replica watches This limited edition horological creation is infused with corum replica watches's saddle-making and leather-making heritage.

We are eager to see what corum replica watches's artisans will have in store at the SIHH, given the amount of creativity that came out of the French Maison in 2018.

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